The Saying Goes – ‘If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again.’

I don’t entirely think that this concept should be applied to books.  I am sadly a have to be grabbed right out of the gate, kind of reader.  Saying that there are a few on my shelf that I’ve attempted to get through, but haven’t for one reason or another, and I really feel as though I should have done.

So this week that is what I shall attempt to, read the things I feel I should have but have not. I will share that journey with you! I’ll probably do one post per book but I will write it as I go, thoughts, feelings desperate pleas for help as I struggle through.

On the list

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky – can’t say I’m thrilled at the thought. But it seems to be one of those classic you definitely should have read books so I’ll give it another go, it is the last time however. If I don’t make it this time that’s it, I’m done with it.  But if I make it who knows maybe it will open me up to a whole new world of Russian literature something I’ve so far not had the inclination to investigate, I’ll be honest (judge me as you will) probably due to this one book, at least I am honest if nothing else.

The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams – I don’t know why I haven’t read it. I got the series in single hardback form at a charity shop many years ago and was thrilled at the find. I opened it and read the first page when I got home, I put it down, I never picked it up again. It seems to me, from what I have heard and read about it that it would be very much up my street as it were. Funny, science fictional and fantastical, so I really have no excuse for this one and that is why it makes the list.

Atonement by Ian McEwan – I have a straight up reason for not reading this. I didn’t like it. I read the first chapter or so I guess and was not a fan. I have friends that love McEwan’s writing so I really thought I should give it a shot. I didn’t make it, so I tried On Chesil Beach as it was much shorter, closer to a novella I’d say, it took me a year to finish (not in one sitting you understand, I kept getting distracted by other (better) books). I didn’t enjoy that, to me nothing happened. I got the emotion and brutality of their fate but nothing happened. It was too slow. But still friends rave about him so I’ll give it another go, although again it’s another charity shop find and has Keira Knightley on the front of it which is off putting before I begin. Woe is me.

Re-reading this in a week seems ambitious! Plus I have been in bed unwell for a few days (a cold, I’m a wimp!) so apologies for radio silence. Maybe a fortnight is more likely. Tomorrow I begin Crime and Punishment… Wish me luck, I will need it. I’m sure there are far more to add to this list, far far more than I would like to admit but that’s it for now. Is there anything you wish you had read? Or pretend you already did? I won’t tell.

Update: I failed at this miserably..I did make it through Atonement a whole year later however…it did not win me over!


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