30 Day Literary Quote Challenge

On Facebook I have been tasked with this challenge.

I have been challenged to complete a literary challenge. Everyday for 30 days I must post a Quote or passage from a book, If I wish I can also post a photo or painting of a thing, place, or emotion that book or quote evokes. Anyone else who fancies it here is the book list:
Quotes from:
Day 01 – Favourite Fiction Book
Day 02 – Favourite Non-Fiction Book
Day 03 – Book you’ve never been able to finish
Day 04 – Favourite Historical book
Day 05 – Favourite Genre and book in that genre
Day 06 – Hardest book to read to the end
Day 07 – Favourite Short Story
Day 08 – Favourite author
Day 09 – A guilty reading pleasure
Day 10 – A book that changed you in some way
Day 11 – Favourite book that actually successfully translated to the Big Screen
Day 12 – A book that made/makes you angry
Day 13 – Book you never thought you’d like, but did.
Day 14 – Favourite classic novel
Day 15 – A book that represents who you are.
Day 16 – A book from your childhood.
Day 17 – A required reading in school book that you remember most fondly.
Day 18 – A book that makes you smile/.
Day 19 – A book that you read after seeing the movie.
Day 20 – The book you are reading now.
Day 21 – The next book you plan on reading.
Day 22 – A book you like to give as a gift.
Day 23 – A book which made you cry.
Day 24 – A book you read as a child and re read as an adult
Day 25 – Favourite “How to” or “Reference” book
Day 26 – Best biographical or auto biographical book
Day 27 – Favourite book which became a stage show.
Day 28 – A book you take on holiday.
Day 29 – A book that was read to you
Day 30 – The Book you first fell in love with.

I thought that as I am going to attempt to use this blog more I would further challenge myself to do an extended, in depth explanation of my responses daily here.

Day 1 – 14th July 2015

From Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale my favourite work of fiction.

We were the people who were not in the papers. We lived in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. It gave us more freedom. We lived in the gaps between the stories.

This quote sums up Atwood’s writing for me, her writing is what made me fall in love with the study of literature.  I had always loved to read, always loved to write, but I didn’t get the study of English Literature as a subject at school until I read Atwood.

This quote is so beautiful, the thought of the stories that have fallen between the lines, in the margins, in between the headlines, the little stories of hope, despair, rebellion that aren’t important enough but are most important in showing us humanity and the consequences of our actions.

Atwood is now my favourite author, I intend to write my Masters thesis on this novel, on Dystopian Literature, as I can never stop re-reading it.  Each time I take something away from it, I can read it with hope or with a complete absence of hope and each time it feels different.  But it always feels powerful.


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