They Call It The Writing Bug….

Writing - auctionnewsnetwork….And boy are they right!

A few days ago the writing bug hit, it has been years since I wrote any fiction, I’ve done the odd bit of scrabbling silly ideas down but nothing has ever really taken form.  Not even short stories.  But the bug has hit and hit hard, I am lying in bed planning and mapping out narratives, trying different narrative forms, fleshing out characters, naming characters (I always find that bit so hard!) I do not necessarily believe the project I have just begun will come to fruition but I am feeling positive.

So what caused lightning to suddenly strike after possibly 5 or more years of fictional silence?! I honestly have no idea, so many writers, I believe Stephen King to be one, say that the most important part to becoming a writer is to read.  Perhaps that’s what it is, I have read voraciously of late, July alone I think was around 10 or 11 novels.

Well whatever has caused it I am excited, I immediately began to write, I didn’t have anything in mind as I began just the urge to write.  I am now stopping that, as I am already 3 drafts in to the first 3 pages and I am doing that which I never do, PLANNING!  A story outline, character outline, and I am so enthusiastic to be writing that even this is a joy to be doing!  And next research, on Welsh Mythology, which will be super fun in itself.

Skull - Metmuseum

So, what am I writing I hear you yell?! (In my dreams haha!) I am writing a Fantasy Mystery Novel (not aiming too high after so many years of silence) set in rural Wales.  Lately I have read a lot of detective and mystery fiction, which I never have really before and also a lot of urban fantasy.  I had thought often about writing urban fantasy, but I am a country girl (dammit now I have Primal Scream stuck in my head), and I could never do a city, real or fictional justice.  I love the city, and living in the city, but I feel like I can portray the countryside so much better.  As such I invented (possibly) Rural Fantasy, same as Urban, real life, real world (ish) setting but with fantastic and magical life existing alongside the mundane.

Maybe it will all come to nothing, but I have only written in recent years by forcing myself, and nothing has felt authentic, or real, or worth sharing, finally inspiration is coming without having to try super hard.  I feel like I am writing something that I can write, that I can do well and this is a new feeling, or one I haven’t had for a long time.

I well and truly have the BUG!!


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