To Welsh, Or Not To Welsh?

That is the question!  So I am in the research stages of my attempt at a novel and am researching Welsh mythology. Ghosts, goblins, ghouls and witches etc.  Now I am having my first….well first major writing related dilemma, to use Welsh or not.

Now to begin I must admit, to my eternal shame, I do not speak Welsh, I can read/say the most basic of things and normally fathom how a word should be pronounced but that is about it. Thanks to a national curriculum requirement of a single 50 minute lesson once every two weeks! Shockingly this is not enough to make you fluent.


Now to the dilemma, I would like to use Welsh in my novel.  Not a lot, but a little. I don’t fully know what will be in the novel or not yet as I am currently researching still but I am finding a lot of creatures, witches, ghosts, fairies, etc. that exist in many mythologies but with Welsh versions and names.  Though I doubt that one, this will ever be published, and two, it would sell enough for it to be an issue, there is a feeling of…what if?! What if it did do well?  Would the fact that people wouldn’t know how to pronounce these things when they read them matter?  Dilemmas, dilemmas. 

I of course, have time to think about this as I write but if anyone has thoughts?

Do I use the terms and history of the Welsh versions?  Use the Welsh terms and explain them in relation to their English language counterparts? Or just use the most recognisable term?


4 thoughts on “To Welsh, Or Not To Welsh?

  1. I am probably too late by far but well hwyr na hwyrach ! i think using a bit f=would be good for both your book and for you (perhaps names and easily guessed words).Perhaps a way to connect with earlier feelings

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