All Quiet On The Western Front!

Semester begins, as does planning for post university life…all fun.

Yes, all quiet again I am afraid, I am back to University and so, busy, busy with reading and assignments.  Furthermore, I am trying to find some work experience/internship (remote) which may allow me to work with books, publishing, editing, after my studies so am focusing on that also. Anyone know anything?! Let me know.

Lots of fun classes though Shakespeare and Tragedy, heavy but fun, though secondary readings such as Aristotle and Nietzsche are perhaps less fun.  A course on fantasy/the fantastic, which means lots of fun books like The Hobbit, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!  And one on unreliable narrators, which means I get to hang out with my favourite Edgar Allan Poe and revisit another fun read with Henry James.

Of course what all this means is, I do not have a lot of time for reading for pleasure, sadly! Perhaps I will try to come up with a series of posts that are a bit quicker and related but don’t require any extra reading.

I am thinking a word of the day?! Or some more of the classic listicles, my favourite heroines and the like.

Anyway, the point is I will try not to be entirely silent, but pleasure reading and the bid to write a novel will be postponed for the semester as I have far more pressing things on my mind.  Trying to figure out my future and the like, nothing major!


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