And let the chaos commence…

So, yet again, it has been a while!

Time for a quick update, I have finished all the class requirements for my masters degree and now have only to complete my thesis over the next 6 months…well that and move half way across the globe in about 8 weeks time! No problem.

I am leaving Denmark, for California, for at least the next two years, so more adventures to be had.

Having finished classes/2 months of exam hell, I have spent the last two weeks doing very little apart from reading and writing. I have the writing bug, and have 2 stories on the go at the moment, the main problem is that now I am super excited to be writing and a bit annoyed that I will soon have to stop to begin thesis work. Both are works of fantasy, both very different, both in very early, very rough draft stages. But I am glad to be writing.

I am also however excited to be writing my thesis, which I get to write on books I love, working on Huxley, Orwell and Atwood, but pretty panicked about that + big move! Oh well, life is nothing if not exciting right now.

What have I been reading? Well as always during term time I am pretty restricted in reading, so some class books that are worth a mention.

Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms – not a book I would ever select on my own volition, and have never felt the desire to read any Hemingway, but I really enjoyed (perhaps not enjoyed?!) reading this, so bleak and sad, and simple yet beautiful all at once. An honest and heartbreaking look at the effects of war.

Iris Murdoch’s The Black Prince – Again, not something that I would normally go for, and I am told her best work so not sure I will be seeking out more. But an interesting look at the deluded narrator. Not a masterpiece but worth a look. Had a lot of fun doing a comparative read of this and Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

And some re-read’s that I always happy to relive – Edgar Allan Poe, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis. And last but not least a whole course dedicated to Shakespeare’s tragedies. Authors/books that I have read multiple times but love so much I am always happy to revisit them and to look at them more in depth for my studies.

So now, time for moving, planning, packing, chaos, thesis, attempting to fit in writing, panic, and maybe a bit more chaos! Wish me luck.



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