Insomnia Alphabet

I have huge trouble switching off and getting to sleep. It was suggested to me that I play a game in my head. The objective is, that you do something with your mind that is just taxing enough to keep it occupied (ie not thinking things along the lines of…must write blog post, make an appointment at the dentist, pay the electricity bill etc…etc…etc) but not so taxing that it keeps you awake.

The first suggestion was to count backwards from 100…though I always needed to start at 200!

Then, I read about a very similar theory, but an alphabet version, you go through the alphabet in your head and try to name a country for each letter. I started doing this, then branched out into all sorts of categories each night, as I had done the countries so much they became automatic…and thus no longer engaged my brain enough!

Categories included film titles, female solo singers, authors, children’s books etc etc. But my favourite one became 8 letter plus words, sometimes any words, sometimes on a theme. And it works really well for me…Do you have trouble sleeping? Try out a game in your head and see if it helps you out!

And just for fun…a word alphabet!!

A – Antagonistic

B – Beatification 

C – Clandestine

D – Degradation

E – Exuberant

F – Fortuitous 

G – Gluttonous

H – Homogenous

I – Idiosyncrasy

J – Juxtaposition

K – Kleptomaniac 

L – Lugubrious 

M – Monomaniac

N – Neurological 

O – Obsequious 

P – Phrenology

Q – Quintessential 

R – Ruminations

S – Simulacrum

T – Transmogrified

U – Ubiquitous 

V – Vehemently 

W – Witheringly 

X – Xenolithic

Y – Yammering

Z – Zygodactyl


8 thoughts on “Insomnia Alphabet

  1. Hey, I spotted 9 words deriving from Greek out of the 26 and thought I’d comment on it! 🙂

    Never had any trouble falling asleep. Unfortunately lately I find myself constantly waking up every couple of hours, probably because of my anxiety. So I get like six hours of discontinuous sleep and wake up way too tired…

    • I’m impressed with your knowledge!
      I either take hours to get to sleep, or suffer much the same. I definitely find distracting myself doing something like this helps me to calm down and get back to sleep quicker. Poor sleep can be such a burden!

      • Oh, no, I just happen to be Greek! 😳
        I couldn’t agree more with you, a good night sleep is essential for our health. These little mind games seem like an excellent idea for helping people get some sleep.

      • I’m still always impressed when anyone knows more than one language. One day I will learn to speak another. They’ve definitely helped me!

      • A foreign language will literally open a door to a whole other universe! I was always fascinated by them, therefore I studied translation, hoping one day I’ll be able to work as a literary translator.

      • Yes, a lot of people on my masters course specified in translation, it seemed fascinating but literature was where my heart led! Still plenty of time to learn a language. Might try Spanish now I’m in California 🙂

  2. I love this. I don’t usually have a difficult time sleeping, but every so often I’ll have trouble winding down. Next time that happens I’ll have to give this a try 🙂

    • Thanks for reading! Sadly I’ve been a poor sleeper for many years, but this definitely helps me so I hope it does when you need it also! 🙂

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